Disc-Go-Cube Polishing Compound (32 Oz)

Disc-Go-Cube Polishing Compound (32 Oz)
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Price: $53.95
Product ID : 60-358



Disc-Go-Cube The Disc-Go-Cube puts out the highest quality finish of any countertop machine on the market. With its variable time control, you can polish a disc in as little as 30 seconds or remove deep scratches in less than 5 minutes, all in one simple step. Using quality micro-abrasive polish and long lasting polishing pads, the Disc-Go-Cube will operate full time without changing any supplies throughout the entire workday. With its professional look and compact footprint, you can place the Disc-Go-Cube right on your counter top and offer disc repair service to your customers. Features: - Single step process - Patented flat on flat technology - Long lasting consumable supplies - Variable timer for increased control - Heavy-Duty construction - Self-Contained operation - Comprehensive one year warranty - Tidy, compact counter top presentation - Power: 110V/60Hz/500W - Size: 12.5"L x 12"W x 10"H- Starter pack included Polishing Compound (32 oz)

DISC-GO-CUBE POLISHING COMPOUND (32 OZ), 60-358, Media Disc Repair & Care