D-Skins Counter Rack Of (16) 5 Pk-Tins

D-Skins Counter Rack Of (16) 5 Pk-Tins
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Price: $83.48
Product ID : 60-364



d_Skin - Game, Music, DVD Protector d_Skin is designed to protect the data side of a disc from getting scratched. Snaps on: Just snap a d_skin onto the readable side of all your favorite discs and consider them protected. Plays on: The amazing liplock seal snaps onto the edge of any standard disc and holds d_skin tight. The beauty is, d_skin protects your discs even while they play. Your discs are totally readable right through the d_skin. Always on: Once your discs are skinned, there is nothing to put on or take off when your storing or transporting. This one product protects at all times. If you scratch it, just toss the d_skin and snap on a fresh one. Your entertainment survives. Laser transparent d_skin works on all CD/DVD media. Merchandiser Tin Pack - (5) d_Skins per tin pack - (16) Tin Packs per display - 100 pieces total - Tin packs sold individually

D-SKINS COUNTER RACK OF (16) 5 PK-TINS, 60-364, Media Disc Repair & Care