(Red) Long-Jon With End Shelves

(Red) Long-Jon With End Shelves
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Price: $299.95
Product ID : 25-133



The "Long Jon" The "Long - Jon" is a double sided, horizontal display system that is excellent for creating long aisles for displaying your video inventory. This unit displays up to 192 movies face front or 960 movies five deep. The Long - Jon is an inexpensive way to add to your movie display area. Each of its grid components are fully modular allowing one to use in a variety of applications. Available in Black, Red, White & Hammertone*. Includes: - \t8 - 36" Shelves - \t8 - 48" Shelves - \t8 - 24" End Shelves - \t2 - 57"L x 24"W Side Panels - \t1 - 84" x 48" Panel - \t4 - Connectors Red

Red long john media dvd grid panel floor fixture display rack. 25-133 25133. Comes in 4 different colors.