***Closeout*** (Gamecube) Film Reel Decor Sign

***Closeout*** (Gamecube) Film Reel Decor Sign
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Price: $6.95
Product ID : 15-179



Film Reel Decor Signs Our Film Reel Decor Signs are made from durable styrene plastic. Each digitally silkscreened sign features bold, white letters. Two signs can be used back-to-back in one sign holder frame to have different categories on each side of a fixture. Place on any store fixture with our sign holders and frames. Wide range of catagories to choose from. Measures: 5 1/2"H x 22"W GameCube

***CLOSEOUT*** (GAMECUBE) FILM REEL DECOR SIGN, 15-179, Marquee, Category, Area Signs