8" Impulse Sealer Set (Incl. Gun & Bags)

8" Impulse Sealer Set (Incl. Gun & Bags)
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Price: $119.95
Product ID : 40-108



Impulse Sealers Now-faster sealing with this high quality professional shrink bag system. It's an easy three step system to protect your products. Rewrap other items and packages of any shape. Simple to operate: Place box or other item in bag; place open end of bag in sealer; press down gently; use heat gun to smooth out package. Requires no warm-up. Seals all types of plastic bag thicknesses. Operates on 110 volts. 90 day warranty. Complete Systems include Sealer, heat gun and 500 (6" X11") shrink bags Complete 8" Sealer System

8" IMPULSE SEALER SET (INCL. GUN & BAGS), 40-108, Sealers & Laminators