Locking DVD Cases

Locking DVD cases protect your investment! Don't let inventory shrinkage affect your bottom line. By utilizing one of our Locking Security Cases you can dramatically cut down on the theft of your DVD's, Blue Ray Discs & CD's. Locking Security DVD Cases have been proven to be a great theft deterrent as well as great rental cases. Feel free to contact one of our customer care agents to help you choose the right Security Case for your needs.
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(Black) Optional Double Insert (100 Pc)
Product ID : 50-157
*Disc* (Black) M-Lock 6-Disc Dvd Case (52 Pcs)
Product ID : 50-113
Black Metal Pin Security Key (Alpha)
Product ID : 50-046
Call for price
Product ID : 60-016
The Video Store Shopper offers a variety of high quality security cases. Let us help you choose the locking security case to fit the needs of your establishment.