Zenith Pac

Zenith Pac locking DVD security cases. The Zenith Pac is the most widely used DVD locking security case on the market. With its patented magnetic security lock and reinforced polypropylene DVD case you will quickly find that the Zenith Pac Security System is the right system for any DVD rental environment. Not only is it easy to use but the most effective solution against DVD theft and damage. The Case, locking clip and key are all sold separately (System key not sold online)
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Zenith Pac Dvd Case (Double Sided: Black) 100Pcs
Product ID : 50-089
Zenith Pac Locks (100 Pcs)
Product ID : 50-087
Zenith Music Pac Lock
Product ID : 99-330
Zenith Music Pak (Clear) 100 Pcs
Product ID : 99-329
Extreme-Pac Universal Key
Product ID : 50-073
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Extreme-Pac Cd Keeper (100 Pcs)
Product ID : 50-072
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Extreme-Pak Dvd Keepers (100 Pcs)
Product ID : 50-071
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If you need any help choosing a locking DVD security case please feel free to give us a call. There are a lot of options. The Zenith Pac security case does not include the key so it is important to read carefully. It is important to note that there is no such thing as a ZenithPak, Zenith Pak, Zenith Pack or ZenithPack DVD case. These are all just common misspellings of the Zenith Pac case.